Fisher & Paykel Evergreen 2021

Precision at
Every Temperature
The ability to introduce the right heat source, at the right moment, held at the right temperature is the key to creating fine cuisine regardless of the culinary style.
The Beauty of Choice
Tasteful and considered design is a blend of form and function, where aesthetic and performance come together without compromise.

Quad Door Refrigerator Freezer with Variable Temperature Zone Technology

Featuring three separate compartments, including an independent Variable Temperature Zone, for unbelievably flexible storage.

Professional Range with Guided Cooking

With both induction and gas cooktops and two convection ovens, you're ready to create a feast – guided by an intuitive touchscreen.

The Beauty of Choice

Today's kitchen is not purely a utility area - it’s a well-considered, cohesively designed space for creation. It’s a space that needs to function, but it also needs to look and feel like it belongs to you. We design kitchen appliances to fit a range of lifestyles and kitchen spaces, available in five beautiful styles to complement your kitchen design.

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