Frigidaire Professional Evergreen 2021

Get more energy-efficient, time-saving cycles and cleaner dishes with the powerful OrbitClean® wash system.

High-end design meets high-end performance. Bold knobs and the ability to make a healthier, more delicious meal with Air Fry put our Professional ranges in a league of their own.

Air Fry in your oven | Frigidaire

Air Fry at the touch of a button. Deliver all the flavor, none of the guilt.

Switch from fridge to freezer | Frigidaire

At moments like this, you need the Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer. The first drawer that switches from fridge to freezer.

Effortless Appliances for Your Family | Frigidaire

@Frigidaire, all of our innovations are designed with your family in mind. It's how we shape living for the better.